AidenAI Launches Digital Acceleration Platform Powered by AI and Codeless Technology

AidenAI will optimize and accelerate the design, development, and modernization of digital landscapes for enterprises

PRINCETON, N.J.Oct. 17, 2023 AidenAI, a global provider of AI-powered digital services, today announced the launch of its Digital Acceleration Platform. AidenAI will leverage AI and Unqork‘s leading codeless platform to accelerate clients’ digital transformation goals and amplify enterprise potential. The collaboration between AidenAI and Unqork will bring businesses, especially financial services providers, the unmatched ability to orchestrate and automate complex business processes while at the same time delivering custom consumer-grade experiences. This will enable enterprises to rapidly transform by scaling human productivity with AI-powered solutions.

With operations spanning across the US, CanadaAustralia, and India, AidenAI is strategically positioned to serve businesses on a global scale, specializing in AI-led digital and cloud transformation, driving velocity by rewiring monoliths, eliminating technical debt faster, and nurturing people productivity.

Leveraging its digital consulting and platform expertise, AidenAI’s services include:

  • Consulting & Advisory: Experts provide strategic guidance in codeless integration & API strategy, along with pathways for modernization that enable enterprises to stay ahead.
  • Tech Modernization: Specialize in the implementation and modernization of systems using the Unqork platform to build tech stacks that are agile, efficient, and future-proof.
  • Digital Acceleration Platform: AI-led displacement platform is designed to revolutionize data, process, and logic for enterprises, driving efficiency and innovation.
  • Industry Frameworks: Lightweight industry solutions cater specifically to the financial services and insurance sectors, providing tailored, ready-to-deploy frameworks.

AidenAI was founded in 2023 by Srinivas Kamadi (Srini) with the goal to accelerate digital outcomes for global clients with AI and codeless platforms. Srini has over 25 years of experience in leading complex change initiatives and digital transformation for Fortune 500 clients globally. He brings to AidenAI experience from having taken direct responsibility for a billion-dollar business delivering enterprise integration and services, where he led over 15,000 consultants as Senior Vice President and Global Head of Enterprise Applications and Services.

“Business leaders know they must prioritize digital transformation for sustained growth, but complexity and costs often hinder progress,” said Srini Kamadi, CEO and founder, AidenAI. “AidenAI’s AI-powered Digital Acceleration Platform, combined with Unqork’s codeless architecture, simplifies and accelerates this transformation by providing predictable outcomes, better cost-effectiveness, and future-proof IT systems.”

Unqork created the codeless architecture standard to reshape how organizations create, manage, and run mission-critical software. By eliminating the need for custom coding and subjective programming languages, codeless architecture frees enterprises from the pitfalls of technical debt. Unlike conventional no-code platforms, Unqork uses data – not code – to describe applications, allowing companies to cut operating costs and build applications that can be easily upgraded as technology evolves. Unqork serves many large organizations and provides industry-tailored solutions for customers in financial services, insurance, healthcare, and the public sector.

“AidenAI’s embrace of our codeless platform is a testament to the growing appeal of codeless technology and the maturing ecosystem around Unqork”, said Gary Hoberman, CEO and founder, Unqork. “I’ve been able to witness the passion of the full leadership team when they created their previous billion-dollar business. There, it was clear to see their excitement around Unqork’s codeless technology, and I can’t wait to see what they will soon achieve with AidenAI.”

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About AidenAI

AidenAI delivers AI-powered, codeless digital services to help large enterprises get more value faster from their digital transformation. The AidenAI Digital Acceleration Platform empowers us to deliver on this promise. It enables us to amplify enterprise potential by accelerating the design, development, and modernization of digital landscapes for the businesses we serve. We help them build an AI-core, empower agile operations with digital, and sustain it all with expertise driven by lifelong learning. We are fully committed to being an inclusive workplace where diverse talent thrives. Visit to see how AidenAI can amplify your enterprise potential.

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