About AidenAi

Accelerate digital, accelerate outcome with AI @ core

Our Foundation

Extensive experience, building large SI capabilities and managing large scale transformations

Aiden's Al-driven transformation platform for digital and legacy transformation

Our Strengths

Bringing together Al, Cloud and Unqork to Drive Digital and Al Transformation at Scale

Expert team with proven track record to increase adoption and market creation

Our Offerings

Digital Services
- Advisory and Consulting
- Tech Modernization

Augmented by Platform Services
- Digital Acceleration Platform
- Industry Solutions

Our Commitment

Reduced TCO by 25%
Increase repeat business
10 Industry Accelerators

Build 1000+ Global Unqork Team 15-20 Unqork Ambassadors for new Opportunity Creation

Our Focus Areas

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Accelerate Digital and Cloud Transformation with Al

Al led Digital and Cloud Transformation

Rewire Monoliths for

Drive Velocity by rewiring Monoliths

Reduce Technical Debt for Clients Faster

Eliminate Technical Debt for Clients Faster

Amp-Up People Productivity for Clients

Nurture People Productivity for Clients

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amazing together

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